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William Carey Cheerleader’s Insane Half-Court Forward-Flip Shot

By on February 23, 2013 in Multimedia

By Steve Farnham, Associate Editor, Hockey Pub

LONGUEUIL, QC. — Because throwing that damn basketball into the little hoop from 50-feet away isn’t hard enough already.

In Thursday night’s William Carey game against Auburn Montgomery in the NAIA, a cheerleader from William Carey made a half-court shot that isn’t about to be forgotten.

Hattiesburg native Ashlee Arnau ran towards the ball which was idle at half-court before she did what I believe is called a forward handspring for you gymnasts out there. During her handspring, which is basically a forward-flip with your hands touching the ground in the while mid-flip; she picked up the ball and tossed it soccer-style towards the hoop before landing back on her feet. What proceeded to follow was basketball awesomeness, which I had no idea could exist.

She drained the god damn shot. BOOM. The crowd went wild, and why wouldn’t they.

Where does someone find the strength to throw that ball from half-court in mid-flip you might wonder? Practice is the answer. Not only does Arnau play on the William Carey soccer team where throwing a ball in similar fashion happens quite often, but It appears she had been practicing the shot since Christmas. Practice makes perfect AWESOMENESS.

She has since been contacted and invited to appear on The Today Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Fox and Friends. She will be in New York on Saturday to appear on The Today Show, where she will attempt to replicate the shot.

When asked about all the excitement surrounding her shot and all the attention she’s been receiving, she had this to say:

“I didn’t think there would be this much but I’m really excited about it all.”

Who is Ashlee Arnau you might ask?


Video: Nathan Epstein

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