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Amazing “Statue of Liberty” Trick By Pee Wee Football Team [VIDEO]

By on November 13, 2013 in Multimedia
Miami's Suniland Sundevils (Source: Youtube)

Miami’s Suniland Sundevils (Source: Youtube)

They’re cute.  But let’s be honest.  With gear sometimes dwarfing the player, Pee Wee Football is not that pretty to watch. Adorable? Definitely! Precision? Not so much.

But there are exceptions.  Last weekend, Miami’s Suniland Sundevils, executed a “Statue of Liberty” play to perfection. The defense, and probably most of the parents in the stands, were caught completely off guard.

Incidentally, one of those spectators was U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.  His son plays for Suniland.

The five to six year old youngsters comprising the Sundevils, may have difficulty spelling “Statue of Liberty,” but they had the discipline to deliver when it counted.

Watch the amazing play by the young athletes in the video below.

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