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Video: Bad Lip Reading of First Presidential Debate

By on October 11, 2012 in Pub Picks

Do you remember the the Seinfeld episode called The Lip Reader?

To spy on his ex-girlfriend Gwen, George Costanza enlisted the help of Kramer and (Jerry’s date) Laura having them read her lips during a party they all were attending. At the end of the party, host Todd needed help with the clean-up so asked Gwen to “sweep with him.” Kramer mistranslated the words as “sleep with him” and hilarity ensued.

Imagine that premise applied to the first US Presidential debate. Don’t worry, this isn’t a political piece, just comedy. The folks at lampoon both men equally — not even moderator Jim Lehrer is spared.  It’s exactly the kind of video that friends are talking about at Hockey Pub saying, “Did you see that?”

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