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Trees Go On a Diving Expedition [VIDEO]

By on August 23, 2013 in Pub Picks

by Amy Johnson, Managing Editor,

PHILADELPHIA, PA — It happens everyday.  Thousands of times every day.  You drink a can of Coca-Cola too quickly, your infant gulps down his afternoon bottle, your little brother inhales his supper way too fast.  And then – a burp.  It’s completely natural – nothing to worry about.


Sinkhole in Assumption, LA
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But if you find yourself in a Louisiana bayou anytime soon and the swampy waters around you emit a “burp” of their own, you’d best hightail it outta there faster than a gator chasin’ his next meal.  Why?  Well for the past year the quiet parish of Assumption, just south of Baton Rouge, has been disappearing at the mercy of an ever-expanding sinkhole beneath their community.  The sinkhole is the result of a accidentally-collapsed wall in a naturally-occurring underground salt dome beneath the town.

Now totaling more than 25 acres in size, the sinkhole shows no sign of stopping.  In fact, officials estimate it might take up to three years for the dome to completely fill in underground, at which time there might not be anything left of the tiny Louisiana village.  Residents have been asked to evacuate their homes – especially after events like the one captured in the video below.

Earlier this week John Boudreaux, Director of Emergency Preparedness for Assumption Parish, noticed that aforementioned “burp” in the surface of the water and realized the sinkhole was about to expand yet again.  He quickly gathered up a few colleagues and a video camera and captured some very dramatic footage as entire trees disappeared in just about 22 seconds.  Check it out for yourself above!

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