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Thanksgiving Feast by Epic Meal Time [Video]

By on November 21, 2012 in Pub Picks

Epic Meal Time is an internet cooking show which began in Montreal, Quebec. The creator, Harley Morenstein was a substitute high school teacher when he got the idea for the videos and in October 2010 decided to devote his energies full-time to the project.

Epic Meal Time is a wildly popular YouTube channel well-known for their extremely high-calorie recipes featuring copious amounts of bacon. They have approximately 125 videos with many surpassing the million view mark.

Morenstein advises viewers to pursue their dreams saying, “My passion was hanging out with my buddies, getting drunk and eating bacon, which happens to be the passion of many people, so it translated well to the show.”

These days, Harley and the guys post their videos from California. Their latest was recorded at the “Someone Cares for the Hungry” soup kitchen in Costa Mesa as they helped to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for the homeless, unemployed, and seniors.

Video posted to YouTube by EpicMealTime. (Warning for language)

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