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Pub Talk: LED Toddler “Stick Man” Goes Viral [VIDEO]

By on October 27, 2013 in Pub Picks

Every year someone comes up with “The Best Halloween Costume.” If you have two iPads, you can create the illusion of seeing a hole through your body, like Mark Rober, a NASA employee, did two Halloweens ago (if you missed it, see below.) His costume created an incredible and quite creepy effect. This year, what is being considered the best Halloween costume of 2013, just takes a snow jacket and LED lights.

Yes, Halloween is less than a week away but the proud dad of the 22-month-old Zoey, Royce Hutain, created an impressive costume of a “stick man.” The idea of designing the costume for his daughter came after he put together similar costumes for his snowboarder friends.

Led Baby Costume  (Picture: Youtube)

Led Baby Costume (Picture: Youtube)

“I sit at computers all day, and I get bored, and I think of ideas like this,” he said.

When Royce took Zoey to the Huntington Beach Pier, she turned heads. People on the street were impressed by the effect that the LED lights had created.

“She looks like a glow stick figure. That’s what I thought it was. I thought someone created a new toy,” a resident said.

Royce has posted several videos of his baby daughter during her funny moments, but none of them have reached the incredible mark of more than 11 million views by their current production in less than a week.

“All of a sudden, it’s gone crazy,” he said.

He has been receiving hundreds of requests from people asking where they could get a similar costume. Because of that, Hutain opened an online store that runs by the name of “” to sell Stick Man costumes for Halloween 2014.

Posted to YouTube by Mark Rober: “iPad2 Halloween Costume- Gaping hole in torso”

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