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Chucky (not Galchenyuk) Pranks Brazilians [VIDEO]

By on November 19, 2013 in Pub Talk

SAO PAULO, BR. — If you’re a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, you know that the name “Chucky” refers to second-year forward Alex Galchenyuk. But this is not a hockey story (cue the creepy music.)

However, once you see the video, we have an idea that you will be sharing it with friends around the table at your local hockey pub.

The Brazilian TV show, “Programa Silvio Santos” has done it again. Silvio Santos, the owner and host of the channel, loves to stage pranks on his fellow Brazilians. We featured one here on Hockey Pub last year just before it went viral. Remember Ghost in the Elevator?

Chucky, the Evil Doll (Source: Youtube)

Chucky, the Evil Doll (Source: Youtube)

In the video, a little girl appears as a ghost during a power outage, making the people inside of the elevator scream, pray and generally panic.

This time is no different. Taking advantage of the new Chucky movie, “Curse of Chucky” — released in September in North America — Senor Abravel (Santos’ real name) and his crew dressed up a little person as the evil doll placing him behind an ad poster in one of the bus stops in downtown São Paulo. While the passengers waited for their bus to arrive, lights began flickering, a creepy laugh was heard and then Chucky made his entrance.

You might want to mind your volume control (particularly at 1:27) if you are watching from work. Enjoy!

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