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2nd Annual NHL Draft Party presented by All Habs

By on August 21, 2010 in Hockey Party

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PHILADELPHIA, PA — It’s a weekend still talked about today – people fondly reminiscing about the good times they had and the friends they met at the 1st Annual NHL Amateur Draft Habstweetup in Montreal. Well this year the draft may have moved on to a different city, but that wouldn’t stop the fun-loving folks in Montreal from resurrecting another Draft Habstweetup!

For me, it was the anniversary of my first-ever trip to Canada so of course I had to make the return trip again…the drive is definitely worth attending any HabsTweetup! The venue was our reliable meeting spot: Ye Olde Orchard…with perfect seats for viewing the draft coverage on the main room’s projector screen TV. It was a great mix of people from the first Draft Habstweetup together again, joined by a few folks who had recently discovered Habstweetups, as well as some friendly new faces. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Gary Whittaker and Nick Murdocco (hosts of The Franchise on the Team990) had stopped by to find out what the HabsTweetup craze was all about!

Friendly debate and conversation ensued as everyone filled out an informal poll to determine who they believed the Canadiens would select as their 1st Round pick (27th overall). Possibilities for whom the Habs should sign as a backup for Carey Price were also discussed as free agency loomed right around the corner. Later, attendees competed against each other to answer as many questions correctly as they could in the All Habs Draft Trivia Challenge. Congratulations to @kyleroussel and @theactivestick who tied for first place! Prizes were awarded to them, as well as the second and third place runners-up (@EP31 and @HabItHerWay). There was even a prize for “creative answers” which went to @metricjulie!

Of course all of this was happening in and around the main event – the 1st Round of the NHL Amateur Draft! It was an evening filled with some predictable choices along with some unexpected moves (see the corresponding article on the All Habs site by clicking HERE). Overall it provided some interesting conversation and speculation regarding the upcoming season. Another fantastic HabsTweetup in the books! If you weren’t there, you missed out for sure – but you can still check out the night’s photos (and many more) by clicking HERE!

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