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By on March 3, 2014 in Fans on Tap

by Rana Varma, Guest Post to

Screen 4Have you ever missed a game of your favorite NHL team and although you were up to date on the score, you felt like you missed all the fun and excitement of watching it live? Well that is the golden question, how do you take the raw energy and exhilaration that is captured during a live game and take it with you wherever you go? There might be a solution and the answer could be right in your pocket.

Data connected smartphones are great for sports fans and although they keep you up do date with the score, it seems like nothing can match the true excitement of watching the game, and that is where a new app called Live Goal Horns comes into the play. It puts a simple new spin on an old idea and basically creates a highly rich experience for the fan, and captures the very essence of why we watch our favorite teams play. Anytime your team scores, it sends out an audio rich push notification synched to the unique stadium goal horn of your team paired with the live score notification. So when your team scores, your phone literally roars, all within seconds of live play. It is literally like having a Bud red light in your pocket.

Check out the 2-minute explainer video below:

It’s a great way for fans to connect to the game while they are on the go. Instead of constantly checking your phone for score updates, it gives you a reason to celebrate for a moment wherever you are, no matter what you are doing.

Sports fans love to celebrate goals, so why accept dull celebrations from passive notifications when we can celebrate like true fans and make a little noise, or at the least enjoy the sound of victory by hearing the home stadium goal horn. The great aspect about data connectivity is the ability to get these updates in real time literally within seconds of the score happening. Hearing that goal horn draws up the emotions of celebrations and winning, so be careful because you may even find yourself high-fiving a stranger.

Why not celebrate like a real fan? Check it out for free on the iTunes app store

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