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Just a Small Town Girl in a Hockey Jersey

By on March 11, 2014 in Fans on Tap

by Carolynne Scoffield, Special to (exclusive)

CALGARY, AB. — I was born shortly after the giant tornado of 1985, there has been no place I’ve called home more than Canada. My hometown is Coldwater, Ontario. Growing up I didn’t play with dolls, only Teddy’s and Lego, and Nintendo of course. I was blessed with high achieving parents and as a result moved a lot to better our lives. I lived in the USA for eight months and England for six years. I returned to Canada in 1996.

BiF3nRnCcAACvOFI’ve always played a ton of sports, although admittedly I can’t skate — anyone want to teach me? I look like Bambi on ice! However my love for hockey accelerated when I lived in Edmonton. I’m not personally an Oilers fan but, for once, the passion of the fans was somewhat comparable to that of the football clubs in England, so I was intrigued.

I would sit and watch games with my boyfriends and usually cheer the opposing team for sake of having a laugh. It wasn’t until I dated a serious Habs fan last year that I was actually quite impressed by them. While out on a photo shoot, I borrowed a Habs jersey and the pictures you all so famously love were produced.

I actually got into modelling by accident as I was a tomboy my whole life ( I even taped my boobs back for almost two years, being a 34D at 14 years old was not easy.) I was walking through the West Edmonton mall when a modelling scout saw me, told me he repped for parties like Maxim and Playboy, I thought he was full of it and told him as much until he presented me with his business card. I was left having a hard time prying my foot from my mouth.

BiF4NtbCAAEWSNhI showed up to the “Playboy Girls of Golf” event and a photographer from the Edmonton sun saw me, he drove out to Stony Plain the next day to take my photos. I made the front cover two days later and was a Sunshine girl three times. I was in the Bear Babes calendar, Maxim Hometown Hotties, and was invited to do a Playboy spread.

On my way to the shoot, I was attacked by a Rottweiler and my face was left scarred. I hid from the public for almost five years and moved to Calgary.

Last February I got up the courage to return and came back into modelling with a vengeance. Since then I’ve worked for such brands as: Ferrero Rocher, Disney, Lou Lou magazine, and Toyota, to name a few. I have been privileged enough to meet and speak with lovely celebrities such as: Chris Jericho, Russell Brand, Carmen Electra, and Steve-o. This year I’ve walked in three fashion shows, the most recent being “Calgary Fashion Week.”

Yes I’m becoming a model but I’m still a small town Canadian girl, who loves her co-op coffee, sports, and will always be as real as I can be.

I’m happy to interact with you on social media. Please be sure to like my Facebook page here and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Carolynne Scoffield 

1375928_475920722524591_2026463704_nModel, Photographer, Writer, Sports fan
Age: 28
Sign: Gemini
Height: 5’9″
Measurements: 36-28-34

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