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Bikini Hockey League – More than Just Beauty on Skates

By on April 3, 2013 in Fans on Tap

by Alyssa, Contributor, Hockey Pub

MONTREAL, QC. — We all know about the lingerie football league but now it’s time to get to know the Bikini Hockey League. Taking the world by storm with Canada’s favorite sport, the Bikini Hockey League is proof that beautiful, talented women aren’t just for show, but that they can definitely kick butt.

Their mission statement reads as follows:

“To provide a positive alternative in the hockey community and a venue for adult female hockey athletes to continue in their sport. This will be accomplished by: providing ultimate family entertainment to our fans win or lose. Helping out sponsors build their brands. Educating, motivating and supporting each other in becoming better athletes, people and by working together to achieve common goals…we are the Bikini Hockey League.”



The launch of the Bikini Hockey League began with a few team practices, photos, a video and an initial game. The ultimate goal and concept is to promote the game and attract new teams, players and sponsors. It was Chris Wallace’s idea (Development Director) to bring together athletic, talented women to play hockey against one another. It promotes health, sportsmanship and a mutual love of hockey.  The league combines hockey, reality show programming and sexy, athletic women. The television angle provides viewers with a look into the budding friendships among the teammates, and takes us beyond the hockey. Don’t be fooled, these women can actually play hockey.

The league is comprised of devoted female athletes from across the United States and Canada. I was lucky enough to interview two Canadian players: Sabina Scott and Kelly Kinton, both from Ontario.

Sabina is a bikini and fitness model and grew up playing hockey. When hockey wasn’t an option anymore she took to fitness competitions and placed in several meets across Canada. Kelly has been playing hockey since the age of four. She played travel A and AA level hockey in Canada and was recruited by the University of Windsor in hockey and track and field.

I asked both athletes about their experience in the league and what they wished to achieve. Here’s what they had to say:

Sabina Scott  @Sabina1689 :

Q: How did the Bikini Hockey League come about?



A: The BHL was started as a combination of a few concepts.  Initially it was a way to promote the sport that we all love, bring the women that play it together and have some fun doing it.  Unsure how the league would be received, the owners and creators of the BHL began to look at the possible television angle as a way to make the league seen by many and potentially more viable in the long term.

Q: How did you hear about it and what interested you about it?

A: I actually heard about the league through friends.  The hockey community is a tight knit group and whether the news is good or bad it gets around.  Luckily, this news was good and a wonderful opportunity to continue playing the sport that I grew up with.

Q: What do you want to achieve through the league?

A: My short term goals are just to have some fun with friends and continue to play hockey.  Longer term, I hope the league exposes me to new opportunities.  Those could come in many forms but meeting new people and have these kinds of life experiences can only open more doors.

Kelly Kinton @kellyklaing :

Q: Where did you hear about the league?

A: I heard about the league through my local news. I thought I might as well try out for it because I have a strong hockey background and have done some modeling. It sounded really fun! I just thought I might as well give it a go and I was so happy when they selected me! 

Q:  What differentiates this league from others that are similar?

A: We are similar to other “bikini/lingerie” leagues in the fact that we are all serious athletes. We are all amazing talented athletic women who excel at our individual sports. But the thing that makes our league stand out from the rest is that we really want to break down hockey’s “glass ceiling”. “There is a lack of positivity from the media or even society when it comes to women hockey. We really want to use the league to empower women and to get the to create healthy, supportive relationships in the hockey community.

Q:  What interested you about the league?

A: I The thing that interested me most about the league was actually getting to play again. I haven’t played in a league for some time because I compete in track and field and cross-country at my university and it was too hard balancing playing hockey as well. The other thing I enjoy about the league is the aspect that it is an all woman league. I think people tend to negatively stereotype female hockey players. This league is great because it helps to break those stereotypes down.

Q: What do you hope to achieve through the league?

A: I believe that The Bikini Hockey League is a great tool to promote positive female athletics. A lot of female sports in our society are not given the social and media attention they deserve. Think about it. We watch the NHL every night, but do we ever watch women’s hockey other than during the Olympics? Our league could bring about a change in attitude when it comes to women’s sports.

You can learn more about the Bikini Hockey League by visiting their website  There you will find a full list of player biographies, videos and links.

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